ThopTV For PC Download: Mac OS, Windows 10/8/7/XP, and Linux

ThopTV is one of the best LiveTV Streaming applications for Android, and It offered multiple features no other LiveTV Streaming applications offered, such as catchup replays and more. Previously, this was just available for Android Phones. However, if you wanted to use ThopTV on a PC, you needed to install the ThopTV APK on an Android Emulator such as Nox Player; this task was not easy and required a computer with enough RAM to work smoothly. Still, now developers behind ThopTV had been working continuously hard. Now they have successfully built the ThopTV for PC, and this isn’t just for Windows.

It is available for all major operating systems such as Android, Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Hence, in this article, we will discuss ThopTV for PC, its features, installation guide, FAQ, and more. So stay tuned to TheLeaker for more such Articles.

Features of ThopTV For PC:

  • Live TV Channel Streaming: ThopTV is mainly used for streaming live TV channels around the globe. It allows users to stream live TV Channels, TV Shows, and much more.
  • Stream in Full HD: While most of the LiveStreaming shows don’t allow you to stream in Full HD or even in HD, ThopTV is one of the apps which allow you to do so; with ThopTV users can stream content in Full HD+ as well, but it will require a high-speed data connection.
  • Catchup Shows: One of the main key highlights of the ThopTV is its ability to stream older shows, which are also known as Catch-up shows; it can stream up to 7 days older shows and is amazing
  • Radio Support: If you are a radio channel lover and need an application that can allow you to listen to audio from more than 5000 radio channels.
  • Live Customer Support: Developers behind ThopTV have been working really hard, and now they have developed live customer support to help you out on any issue you face.
  • Supports Multiple Players: If you don’t like the inbuilt video player, ThopTV can stream to any other video player, such as VLC Media Player or MX Player.
  • Supports Subtitles: ThopTV also supports subtitles in TV Shows/Movies or even Web Series, so if you want to watch a show of some other language, the support for Subtitles is present here.

Download ThopTV 46.2.0 For Windows/Mac/Linux:

You can also download ThopTV portable app for PC via the linked download page. By downloading the portable Thop TV app, you don’t have to install it. Below are the links for ThopTV For PC’s latest version.

Note: We Are Sorry to say, but we cannot serve the direct Download link here due to copyrighted infringement.

Download Latest Version of ThopTV for Android

Download Latest Version of ThopTV for Windows 7(32bit)

Download Latest Version of Thop TV for Windows 7 (64 bit)

Download Latest Version of Thop TV for Windows 10 and Windows 8

Download Latest Version of Thop TV for Linux

Download Latest Version of ThopTV for Mac OS

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Note: We Are Sorry to say, but we cannot serve the direct Download link here due to copyrighted infringement due to copyrighted infringement.

How to Install ThopTV on PC and Laptop Easily:

ThopTV For Windows:

  1. Download the ThopTV installer file (thoptv.exe) from the above download link.
  2. Disable any Antivirus app you have installed to avoid installation problems.
  3. Open up the downloaded file by double-clicking on it.
  4. Click on next and Continue and wait for it to Install.
  5. You are now ready to go.

ThopTV For macOS:

  1. Download the ThopTV installer (thoptv.dmg) from the above download link
  2. Double click on it. It will open it in a viewfinder.
  3. Now, drag and drop the icon to the Applications Folder.
  4. Now ThopTV is installed, and you are good to go.

ThopTV For Linux:

  1. Download the ThopTV installer (thoptv.deb, thoptv.snap, thoptv.FreeBSD, thoptv.appimage, thoptv.RPM) from the above download link
  2. Double Tap on it to open it in the Softwares Windows
  3. Provide the administrator password and click on Install
  4. This will Install ThopTV on your PC



Guide to using ThopTV For Windows/Mac/Linux:

Once after installing ThopTV on your device, open it by double-tapping on the icon on the desktop. I assume that you have installed it with the default recommended settings. I am using a Windows PC, but the steps you need to follow on all other operating systems will also be the same. Once opened, based on your country of residence, choose the country and click on Continue. Now select the streaming service you would like to stream with. I have selected Jasmine TV and click on it; now, you will come across a list of available channels for live streaming. Select on any one of those; for the demonstration, I have selected Sony TV and select the resolution you want to stream in such as Full HD, or if you’re going to watch the old episodes of the last 7 days, click on Catchup and select the date and time.

If you want to watch movies or TV Series, go back to the home screen, and on the top toolbar, select the button, respectively. If you’re going to view Movies, click on the Movie button else. Suppose you want to watch Web Series; click on Series and select your episode and start streaming. This application is excellent and works perfectly.


  • Is ThopTV Safe to Use?

ThopTV for PC/Mac/Linux/Android is entirely safe for use. Some security apps such as Windows Defender may treat it as a virus; it is completely safe and doesn’t require any permissions, ensuring safety.

  • Does it Charge the Users?

ThopTV is one of those applications that doesn’t charge its users for their services; they show minimal ads, indicating that the developers are passionate and not greedy-minded. While many IPTV apps, such as Area 51 IPTV, charge their users for services, ThopTV is entirely free.

  • Are there any bugs?

ThopTV for PC is currently in the beta stage as the app has been released for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Recently, and as expected, these may contain some bugs. However, we can expect the developers to solve the issues soon. We will notify you as soon as the bugs are fixed.

  • How is the Quality of the Video?

The video quality is the best in its category, and the application is my favorite regarding its quality of streaming. ThopTV can stream content in Full HD+, HD+, and hence the quality is good, and you can enjoy watching it.

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