Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to come with Breathalyzer technology

Samsung is all ready to launch its latest Note Flagship device that is the Galaxy Note 8. Its specs are already available thanks to several leaks in the past, anyway, An exciting news is coming from the house of the Korean giant, the company have apparently patented technology in which a phone will accommodate an embedded Breathalyzer by which one can easily measure the alcohol limit in the exhalation of a person. Samsung has patented it which means in the upcoming devices we might witness this type of technology.

It is expected that this technology will be made available in the Galaxy Note 9 for which we have to wait for a long time. This technology will take advantage of the stylus of Note 9, in which a microphone and a gas sensor will come embedded which will work for measuring the alcohol limit. For that, we have to exhale the inhaled air out to the sensor which after processing it will transfer the necessary information to the device.

It can be a good start as lots of accidents take place every year due to drunk driving and over consumption of alcohol, by this one can easily get to know that he/she is above the limit or not, if yes then they should not drive. We cannot comment on the official availability of this feature in a smartphone as it a very futuristic approach. We might see smartphones with these types of features in future, but for now, it sounds hollow. The design shows that the stylus will have the ability to fold through via which one can easily exhale on its sensor.

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