Remove ads from lock-screen and entire Amazon Prime edition phone

Android OEMs sell smartphones in various variants from base to the premium limited editions to Google�s Android One edition. Then comes the Amazon edition smartphones which cost significantly less than their standard variants and this is possible as these Amazon edition smartphones are loaded with ads that stay on your lock-screen and notification bar and sometimes may also pop-up here & there in the UI.

This is the reason why you’re getting the Amazon edition smartphones for less than the original price, as the other portion of the cost gets covered by showing you ads on your phone. However, you also get the advantage of having unlimited access to Amazon Prime apps and content as well.

So it isn’t that bad, but having ads on your Lock Screen could get annoying at times and in this post we will talk about how to get rid of these ads on your Amazon Prime edition smartphones.

Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones

Remember that this will only work for Amazon Prime smartphones and the process is quite simple. All it requires is that you install an app developed by the talented folks at XDA; which have developed an app that does this all without going through all the hassle of opening a command prompt and entering individual commands.

You’ll find the Amazon ads remover APK file given below, download it, install and start getting rid of ads from all over your Lock-Screen and notifications. It also works on non-rooted amazon exclusive devices.

(Note: Only for Amazon Prime exclusive smartphones)

Download Amazon Prime exclusive phone Ads remover APK�

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