Recover Deleted Files & Data For Free Via EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The digital world of today is amazing. Now, we don�t need to deal with bundles of papers. Instead, we can store it all in our computers. However, this also exposes us to the looming threat of data loss. Losing your precious data due to hardware damage or accidental delete can feel like a nightmare. Thankfully, there is a free data recovery software like�EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard available for such nightmares.

What is�EaseUS Data Recovery?

EaseUS is a�file recovery software�which allows you to recover files lost due to virus attacks, hardware damage, and data format, etc. In a world where data recovery can be costly, this free software makes it possible for everyone to retrieve their data without spending any money.

Features of�EaseUS Data Recovery

It isn�t just the fact that this software is free that makes it the best one out there. Instead, it is equipped with an array of features that can be really handy. Some of the features of EaseUS Data recovery are –

  1. Previewing data before recovery

windows drive recoveryNot everything that has been lost needs to be retrieved. Some free�recovery�software doesn�t give you the option of previewing and selecting which files you want to recover and which ones you want to truly part ways with.�EaseUS does offer this service to its users. You can easily preview files and then choose which one to restore.

  1. Two scanning modes

Windows File Recovery

Some types of data recoveries take a thorough scan while others are recent and simple enough to be found via a quick scan. Deep scans usually take a while. When you are in a hurry and don�t have time to spare,�EaseUS allows you to perform a quick scan to find your desired document. If you are unable to find it, you can opt for a deep scan. This flexibility in modes can be a source of massive convenience.

  1. Recovering a wide variety of data loss

EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

It doesn�t matter how you lost your precious data,�EaseUS takes it upon itself to recover it for you. Whether it be accidental deletes, data formatting, virus, hardware damage or emptying recycle bin, with this file recovery software, you can be assured that your data will be restored.

Why choose�EaseUS?

Among the various�free data recovery software, you should choose�EaseUS because:

� It is very quick. You can detect and retrieve your lost documents in no time. Therefore, it is perfectly aligned with the fast-paced lives most of us are living.

�����EaseUS doesn�t just work on a computer. Instead, it can recover lost files from music players, digital cameras, and RAID, etc.

� The free version of the software offers extensive features. You won�t get a bad deal just because you aren�t paying for the software.


Let�s face it; there is bound to come a time when your data gets lost, or you realize that you deleted something by mistake that you needed. At such a time,�EaseUS will come to your rescue. Give it a try and decide whether the software is worth your time.

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