How to recover deleted data (files) on Windows PC For FREE

What if the data is deleted by mistake? EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Recover Lost Files. Is it often possible to delete an important document when absent? Don’t worry, get back the missing files through EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The situation of accidentally deleting data should be met by many people. The data that is usually deleted from the recycling station can be recovered, but what if you remove the recycle bin? Usually, remember not to format the disk for the first time, then use the file recovery software as soon as possible to help you find the missing files.

There are many file recovery software on the market. This time we will introduce the “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard,” a free data recovery software that helps you save important data. For the average user, the most frequently encountered accidental deletion is the “photograph,” and important memories are not carefully deleted. This file recovery software certainly has the opportunity to help you find it back.

The free software version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can restore 2GB of data. If your data is larger than this, you can consider buying the professional version to experience more complete file recovery. In addition to the unlimited number of data recovery, you can also get free software upgrades and tech support. However, 2GB should be enough for many users to use. It is a good software. Files, photos, files, system files, etc., as long as the file has the opportunity to recover lost files through EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Are you worried about the complexity of the data recovery software? In fact, the whole process is very simple, the software will automatically scan the disk after installed and the disk you want to be scanned. Do not worry about any complicated settings. After the file is found out, you can use the built-in preview function to see if the file is what you want. If you can’t preview the file, you can directly restore it to your computer, and then open it to see if the restoration is successful. This software supports Windows, and there are also support for MAC versions available.

Step 1:  There are various languages during the software installation process. Don’t worry about for the language! After installation, please execute the software later.

Step 2: The software interface is very simple, that is, let you choose to restore the disk or you can assign the folder path.

Step 3: we can find out the missing or deleted files by specifying a location path.

Step 4: At this point, please wait until the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard starts to help you find the remaining files from the computer’s internal index. Even if the Recycle Bin is cleaned up, you still have the opportunity to recover. Although the chance is not certain, there is always a chance. At this point in the scan, the scan index will tell you the current index scan state and the rest time.

Step 5: If you scan halfway through the left directory to see if you find your lost file. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can search for pictures, music files, file files, movie files, emails, and other types of files. If you find the missing files, you can click on the file and preview.

Step 6: If you see half of the document when preview, you may find that there are only remnants of the data. However, if the information part of this document appears to be what you want, it will also be helpful for you to retrieve the information you hoped.

Step 7: If you want to restore, click on [Recover].Select [Save] and assign the archive path.

Step 8: After the archive is complete, you can open the file that your saved location.

Step 9: Retrieve the data and use the corresponding application to open it. If it is the files you want to recover, then congratulations on your success!

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software interface is really simple. It will not be as complicated as other recovery software. Users who are nervous, panic, or losing data should be able to use it very well. If you still not find files by other recovery software? Try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to restore your file. You can Pro version if it recovers your files. If it doesn’t, it’s okay. This software basically allows you to search for missing files for free.

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