Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 is the new KING of mid-range flagship CPUs

AI(Artificial Reality) and AR(Augmented reality) are the next big thing in the mobile industry, and Qualcomm has already prepared for the future. The company announced its new 700 series of the chipset earlier in February, which will be powering next generation of smart devices. The new member of this series is the Snapdragon 710 which will be specifically focusing on Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. The new Snapdragon 710 is manufactured�on 10nm which will make it very power efficient.

Moreover, the chip uses Qualcomm’s custom Kyro 360 Cores which are newly developed for this. This chip has multiple cores for AI and AR engine processing as well as dedicated cores Spectra 250�for image processing onboard. And as the AI trend continues this one has special processing abilities to take those portrait shots and thus taking full advantage of your dual-camera on your smartphone and on top of that this also supports depth sensing for an accurate face unlocking.

Apart from that, the Snapdragon 710 has significant performance improvements over the ongoing Snapdragon 600 series as well as the chip is 40% more power efficient thanks to the 10nm process. The 710 comes with�X15 LTE modem which supports speeds up to�800mbps. Overall, we hope this isn’t just any incremental in the number department and does what it’s supposed to do. AI and AR seem like a new gimmick in town unless one finds the AI assistant is heavily integrated into the phone for daily usage.

AR engine will step up the abilities for developers who want to develop games based on AR, and so android won’t be far behind when compared to Apple in AR gaming. Google is also developing its AR headset, so the years 2018 and 2019 will be devoted to AR and AI technologies.

SOURCE: Qualcomm

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