Nova TV MOD APK Download Latest Version For Android [Ad-Free]

Hey, Online Streamers! Have you streamed the recent Godzilla VS Kong movie? It was literally fabulous, and the best thing was that I saw that masterpiece neither by reaching PVR, Carnivals nor by wasting my valuable money on Online Streaming Websites! Do You also want to be an intelligent guy and skip all your online streaming platform payments? If Yes, then you need a smart application named Nova TV!

Basically, the craze of Online media streaming is crashing its peaks, and it can’t get over! It’s the futuristic technology, and finally have left back the Televisions and Cable Providers! Nowadays, No one gives a heck about the Televisions and those old aged Cable Provider Programs, since they can stream that stuff directly online on their Smartphone, without paying for the Cable Providers! But still, most of the online streaming platforms charge hundreds of dollars which is a damn vaster price than the Cable Providers. And after that, They’ll also need you to use your paid internet!

NOVA TV Homepage

So today, We’re here with the best Android application that can help you watch most of the paid content free of charge and at exquisite resolution quality! The app is NovaTV, and it’s a legit software developed to offer you a massive range from most of your favorite Online Streaming providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Hotstar free of charge! Nova TV is a successful Android application that you can’t download on the Google Play Store since it violates a few rules by offering you the paid content free of charge. But don’t worry, since it won’t trouble you!

Apart from that, the app contains a convenient App interface, where you can manage the menu and pick out all your favorite web series without getting stuck. Nova TV is embedded with web series and movies, So You won’t need to download two different applications from now onwards to stream your favorite content. Moreover, the entire data available inside Nova TV is categorized with the appropriate content genre, like Drama, Documentary, Action, Comedy, Crime, Family, Kids, Mystery, News, Reality, and Sci-Fi! Now It’s all your choice to choose the favorite one and start binge streaming!

NOVA TV Features

Nova TV is a futuristic Android application developed to offer you the most effective streaming features to amaze your binge-watching and help you enhance your online streaming experience! For getting more inside the Nova TV privileges, You can go through the below list – 

Massive Collection of Movies/Web-Series

The first feature offered by Nova TV is the massive collection of content! That’s all you need inside an online streaming application. So basically, Nova TV delivers a vast library containing millions of hours of entertainment. You can enjoy the Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Web-Series, Netflix Shows, Amazon Prime Shows, and shows from almost every paid streaming platform! Now You neither need to wait for months after the movie’s release nor need to use torrents to download movies; download Nova TV and enjoy the fun!

Nova TV MOD APK content library

Add Your Favorites to a different Watchlist.

Unlike most of the free online streaming platforms, Nova TV delivers a feature of the Favorites section! Yeah, You’re going right! The favorite section is a specific movie section inside the Nova TV app that you can embed with your chosen content. All You need is to open any movie page and tap the heart-shaped icon there, and that’s it! Afterward, You can get them all on the Favorite section. Sounds exceptional, right?

NovaTV Favorites features

Enjoy the most exceptional genres.

As we told you above, the Nova TV app has categorized all its content based on genre. So it primarily contains 15 different genres for Movies and Web-Series, containing Action, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Kids, Mystery, News, Reality, Sci-Fi, Soap, Talk, War & Politics, and Western. You can choose any of these genres from the above genre section and enjoy your favorite content collection listed in front of you!

Different Movie Genres

Watch TV Shows by Calendar

Again as an unusual streaming platform feature, the NovaTV app is granting you the Calendar categorization add-on! You can’t guide this feature on any other free streaming Android application. Basically, this feature allows you to categorize the newest content released on the same day or about to release in the next three days. It’s the most desired feature of all the binge-streamers, which is now implemented! Enjoy it!

Cast Directly on a giant screen

Apart from all the above-listed features, the Nova TV app also offers you the Google screencasting feature! Yeah, You heard right! It’s the feature that makes Nova TV the most straightforward Android online streaming platform. Basically, this feature helps you cast your content directly on a big screen at your home, like a Smart TV or FireStick! So If You’ve got any of such things, Nova TV can offer you an exceptional streaming environment at a single tap!

Free Subtitle Support

Hey, binge streamers! Have you got annoyed with the English language movies and web series and finding it hard to understand in such a speedy accent? If Yes, You’re at the right place currently, since the Nova TV app offers you Subtitle Support with almost all the English content! You can enjoy virtually all the English movies and web series, like The Wolf of Wallstreet, The Dark, and The House Of Cards, with the free subtitles attached with it! No more annoyance; download Nova TV!

Choose the appropriate video resolution.

Video Resolution is the next important thing while streaming Movies and Web Series! Moreover, It’s the most crucial aspect, featured at the top of the list in advancing the streamer’s mind frame. Keeping that in mind, the Nova TV app has worked on it and, consequently, offers you various video resolutions for each movie. If You’re having low internet, You can choose the data savers resolutions like up to 480p, or if you want to enjoy the FHD content, you can select 720p and 1080p to stream. Enjoy streaming!

Full HD 1080p

Watch the details with the trailer on the Movie page.

What would be more delightful than having the information about the movie you’re watching? Considering that, the Nova TV app offers you a Movie or Web Series page with all its data, including Trailer. You won’t need to open the YouTube app for watching movie trailers since you can also do that on the Nova TV app. Additionally, You can also grasp the Casts’ Name and the movie’s Description the few same recommendations to sweeten your streaming experience! Don’t wait for more, and download Nova TV ASAP!

Play with External Video Player feature

If You’re using the Nova TV app, It offers an in-built video player to stream all the binge collections at ease of access! But still, there are hundreds of adjustments and settings that aren’t available in this simplistic Video Player, like Speed controller, Subtitle Positioner, and sound codec. Fortunately, NovaTV also offers you an additional feature to help you binge stream in your favorite way! Basically, You can play your favorite content with an external video player, directly redirecting through the Nova TV app. Here you can choose anyone like MX Player, VLC Video Player, or KM Player!

Download your favorite content

You’ll feel amazed after knowing that Nova TV isn’t only offering you the Online Streaming features, but you can also download NovaTV’s content on your storage. Yeah, It’s true! You can download all your favorite TV Shows, Web-Series and Movies directly from NovaTV’s servers. It helps you choose any of your favorite resolution for the content and download it via default File Downloader or a third-party app named Advanced Download Manager or One Download Manager! You can choose the appropriate settings and start downloading your favorite content to watch it offline!

Download button


NOVA TV MOD APK is the modded or cracked version of the official NovaTV application. You must be thinking about the need for a modified Novat TV version since we are already getting most of the premium features free of charge, right? But You’ll get the answer naturally after using the Nova TV app once! Let’s not get interrupted and cover the Nova TV MOD APK. 


Nova TV MOD APK is a simplistic modified version containing millions of hours of content at a ditto app interface. Additionally, the recreated version offers a few advanced features that’ll amaze you and create your mood for installing the modified version. There are just a few enhancements that you can introduce in the below section. Just get through the below Features section and download the latest NovaTV MOD APK from the below download link. Enjoy binge-streaming!


Ad-free App Interface

Before downloading the official version of NovaTV, let me introduce you to one of the official app’s most annoying drawbacks. Yup, It’s the ad-bulky interface! Online Advertisements are the only stuff we all hate while streaming movies and web series. And these are one of the flaws by which online streaming platforms attract us for premium subscriptions.

No Ads 

Eventually, We’re offering you the modified NovaTV version, named Nova TV MOD APK! The altered or recreated version is installed with a 100% ad-free interface. It means that either if you’re changing the movie, quality, subtitle, or even walking through the list, You can enjoy the entire ad-free interface. So stop the interruptions in your entertaining way, and download NovaTV MOD APK!

No Root Access Needed

If You’re an Android techie, then you must have heard about lots of modified streaming Android apps that need root access to shower all its features. But Nova TV MOD APK is a different creation. Yup, It’s the thing that won’t ever annoy you in the non-rooted Smartphone. It can work smoothly on any Android smartphone and deliver all its features in Rooted and Non-Rooted smartphones. 

Root Access

Moreover, we have also operated this app on several Android smartphones to cross-check the security. As a result, we’ve succeeded in every try! Download Nova TV MOD APK and enjoy its entirety without getting scared of anything!

Disabled Analytics

Analytics is the developer’s helpful tool, and he/she implies this tool in the free application to track your favorite genres, age, gender, interest, device, and location. The developers use this information only to enhance the app’s performance and traffic, but sometimes it sounds insecure. The same is the problem with the Nova TV official app.

But don’t worry, since we’re offering you disabled analytics inside the NovaTV MOD APK! Yup, Now You and your data are 100% secure from the developers and the hackers. Now You can enjoy all the Nova TV’s features without thinking about your device’s security! Enjoy seamless streaming!

NOVA TV MOD APK Download Latest Version

NovaTV APK Download Latest Version

Ultimately, Now You can download Nova TV MOD APK from the below link for any Android version or Smartphone. Below is the download link for the latest NovaTV MOD APK, containing all the most recent features and the latest binge-watching web shows. Moreover, the app also includes all the official app’s features and delivers the above free features, including an ad-free interface and removed analytics. Click the below link ASAP and make the Nova TV MOD APK all yours! 

NovaTV APK (Download Version 1.5.0b)

NovaTV MOD APK (Download Version 1.5.0b)

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How to install NOVA TV MOD APK on Android Phone

Installing Nova TV MOD APK isn’t a big deal since all you need to apply is the default installation steps as per your Android smartphone. Or still, If You’re getting any trouble, You can follow the below guidance step-by-step and smoothly install Nova TV MOD APK on your Smartphone!

Step 1 – Download the Nova TV MOD APK latest version file from the above download link and store it on an appropriate or the default download folder.

Step 2 – Now, Open the Settings app, and locate the Security tab on the list!

Step 3 – Click the Security tab that’ll promptly show you another Settings list.

Step 4 – Here, You’re needed to find a toggle named Unknown Sources or Third Party Installation and enable it!

Step 5 – After enabling it, You’re needed to get back to the App Drawer and open the File Manager app(Default or Third Party).

Step 6 – Now locate the downloaded APK file, i.e., Nova TV MOD APK, in the appropriate download folder.

Step 7 – Click on the NovaTV MOD APK, and tap the install button on the promptly opened notification bar.

Wait for 2-5 minutes till the installation process, and Now You’re all good with NovaTV MOD APK. Open the app drawer and consequently open the Nova TV MOD APK to watch all your favorite content without the online ad interruption!



  1. Where to download Nova TV MOD APK?

    You can download Nova TV MOD APK right here! Just click the article, and go through the download link that'll redirect you to the download page. Enjoy Binge-Streaming!

  2. What's new inside Nova TV MOD APK?

    Nova TV MOD APK contains a few additional features than the official Nova TV application. Firstly it offers you a 100% ad-free streaming interface and afterward includes disabled analytics or a secure app interface!

  3. How to install Nova TV MOD APK?

    Installing Nova TV sounds like eating a piece of cake! Yupp, It's that simplistic! All You need here is to download the app from the above link and install it with your smartphone's default installation process. Moreover, You can also follow the above guidelines to install it on any Android smartphone smoothly.

  4. Can I download Nova TV MOD APK on an iOS smartphone?

    Unfortunately, We haven't got a Nova TV or Nova TV MOD APK version for the iOS smartphones. But whenever we get such updates from the developer, we will upload the iOS version on the same website ASAP!

  5. Can I download offline content on Nova TV MOD APK? 

    Absolutely Yes! Nova TV MOD APK allows you to download offline content to get entertained, even while you don't have internet access. It's a mere process where you just need to choose your favorite resolution and click the download button despite Stream!

  6. Is Nova TV MOD APK legit?

    Yes! Nova TV MOD APK is a 100% legit Android application offering you almost all the paid platform's Web shows and movies free of charge, directly on your smartphone. Either watch them all, store them as a favorite, or download them to watch offline!

  7. Is Nova TV MOD APK an ad-free application?

    Yes, Nova TV MOD APK is a 100% ad-free Android application developed to offering you all the Official Nova TV content without a single interruption. Moreover, You also won't be needed to download any third-party ad-blocker extension since it's an already embedded privilege! Just tap the above download link and make it all yours!

  8. How much content is available on Nova TV MOD APK? 

    You're about to get millions of hours of content inside Nova TV MOD APK, as it possesses the movies and web shows from over ten different online streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, SonyLIV, and Hotstar. No one can ever count the data available inside Nova TV MOD APK! That sounds like a great answer!

  9. Can I watch Netflix Web Shows on Nova TV MOD APK?

    Yup, You can smoothly binge-stream almost all the Netflix Web-Shows directly on the Nova TV MOD APK without getting charged for 799.00 INR every month. So skip those deadly payments and get switched to Nova TV MOD APK!

  10. How to download Nova TV MOD APK on Computer?

    Click the above download link, and you'll automatically get redirected to the download page. After that, You can simply click the download button and make the app all yours!

  11. Can I stream 1080p movies on Nova TV MOD APK?

    Yes, Nova TV MOD APK contains content with almost all the watching resolution. You can choose them accordingly, listed per the data usage, including 360p, 480p, 720p, and up to 1080p FHD!

  12. Did I need to root my smartphone for using Nova TV MOD APK?

    No, Nova TV MOD APK won't need you to root your smartphone for watching any content available on it! It's a convenient app containing the most secure interface and root-free usage!

Final Verdict

After getting through the entire article, You can merely understand the need for NovaTV MOD APK in your online streaming routine. It’s a legit app, offering you the whole of world-class paid content free of charge. Moreover, It’s an ad-free application that won’t interrupt you while watching a single piece of content! Just click the above link and download Nova TV MOD APK ASAP for starting a free online streaming enjoyment!

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