MX Player gets Picture in Picture mode with its latest update

MX Player is one of the most popular android video players for years, and it still carries its credibility by receiving different features and compatibility perks via updates regularly. Recently the J2 interactive team, the developers of MX Player added the Chromecast support for streaming online content, and now the player gets Picture in Picture mode.

Users have started receiving version 1.11.3, which brings a handy feature PiP (Picture in Picture). To enable it, you just need to navigate to the player options and select the PiP mode icon and select that option. It will pop a mini window for the video playback so that you can multitask without compromising the video content you are up for. The Picture in Picture mode works while working with other apps, and you can chat on WhatsApp or Messenger or use maps or even browse the internet.

You can adjust the placement of the video frame by holding it and moving it to any direction to minimize the disturbance of the PiP video. You can touch the PiP Window to expand it to get controls like forwarding, previous, play, or pause. Use Double Tap to expand the video to full screen to get back to the player’s fully expanded mode. You can directly close the window or enter into setting to resize the video frame from PiP mode to regular mode. As per the changelog suggests, the PiP mode will be supported in Android 8 Oreo or higher. You can update the app via Playstore and enjoy using the PiP mode.

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