LG’s new official product Video showcases the LG G6 Plus

LG recently released a new product video which is featuring the LG G6+ which was launched recently. The video showcases two new colors of the smartphone, which is Marine Blue and Terra Gold, and are the colors which LG thinks that they will be sold more than other color variants of the phone.

The video also showcases the dust and water resistance abilities of the smartphone. If you think that you missed out the LG G6+, then let us brief you about it. The phone is the premium variant of the LG G6, the flagship handset which was launched earlier this year.

LG G6+ Official Product Video

The LG G6+ includes a 128GB Storage option as standard. We get Wireless charging and 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC as standard, which was available only in select regions on the LG G6. There is also B&O Play earphones included in the retail package of the handset, which is also a good move from LG. As nowadays it is very rare to find even company branded standard earphones within the retail package.

The LG G6+ out of the box comes with a number of features which are not available on the LG G6 as of now which are Face Print, same as face unlock, Google’s awareness API, and Covered Lens warning but these can also be added to the earlier version by a simple software update, but we feel LG will take a bit of time for the update to roll out and till then you can enjoy the same on the LG G6+ if you are planning�to take one.

LG is also expected to launch LG V30 in coming month to compete for the upcoming smartphones Galaxy Note 8 and Pixel 2 XL. What do you think about the LG G6+ please comment in the comment section below.

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