Google bets bug bucks on Mozilla’s KaiOS, will bring Google apps to it

Google likes to do side software projects such as the ChromiumOS,�Fuchsia OS and we already have the Android Go edition OS which is a lite weight variant of Android for low-end entry-level devices and now Google has taken over Mozilla’s brainchild, that’s KaiOS and is heavily investing into its development. According to new reports, Google is investing about $22 Million in Mozilla’s KaiOS and looks like the search engine giant has new strategies in its cards.

The KaiOS was earlier used in Mozilla’s $25 budget phone and has also been in used in Reliance JioPhone, as well as in some other smart feature phones. With Google now on board in this project, we could see the rise of a new breed of entry-level Smart feature phones.

Image Courtesy: kaios. com

And you may ask how Google plans to do so? Then the answer is that Google is preparing to build, most of its Popular apps such as Gmail, YouTube, Google assistant and more, specifically for KaiOS. Which in return should sell more and provide such Smart feature phones the ability to justify their existence, in this modern world of touching and tapping on glass slabs.

Moreover, we could also in future, phones such as the popular Motorola Razr, Rokr, Nokia’s N9 series and much more to arrive with the support of KaiOS with Google’s eco-system built into it. The plan here seems to like to elevate the presence of feature phones and integrate them into Google’s ecosystem to provide the world’s most used email, Video streaming�services to be alive on non-Android powered smart devices.

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