GHD Sports APK Download: Watch Cricket & Football Live [NO ADS]

GHD Sports App Introduction

As digital media continues to expand, we’re every day reaching the newest and most convenient evolutions. We are getting technologically advanced almost every single day and formulating the most evolved streaming standards. Gone are the days when you were expected to pay hundreds of bucks to the cable providers for watching your favorite shows. Nowadays, you can subscribe to streaming platforms and simultaneously watch the same content on 2-3 different devices.

But as the dead-end, you still need to pay lots of money to the OTT platforms for watching content. So if you got bothered by this never-ending expenditure, then you’re at the right place today, since today we’re gonna provide you with an overwhelming app compatible with offering you all the Live TV channels free of charge – GHD Sports APK. 

Basically, GHD Sports was developed for Sports streaming and helping all the users worldwide watch all their favorite sports channels, league, or championship free of charge. It’s a feature-rich Android app that has made it possible to watch the Full HD Live channels without charging a single cent and offers a massive variety of TV Channels. So get ready to own this splendid app, download it right now from the below links and start enjoying all your favorite sports with just a few taps.

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GHD Sports APK Features

GHD Sports Download

GHD Sports APK is an outstanding application that enables you to watch all your favorite tournaments on Full HD quality. Well, I can confidently say that after knowing the outstanding features of this fascinating app, you can’t resist yourself without streaming all your favorite content in it.

Full HD 1080p Streaming

Video resolution is an essential feature of any video-watching experience since it impacts the streamer’s mind frame. No one likes watching a blurred kind of content with the damaged pixels, as we’re right now living with the 4K Ultra HD technology. 


Considering that, GHD Sports APK has delivered monumental attention towards the quality of Live TV channels. And because of their hard work, you can now watch all your desired tournaments and Live TV channels with Full HD 1080p resolutions. So forget to pay hundreds of dollars for streaming the blurred content. Switch to GHD Sports APK and enjoy the best free Live TV experience.

Stream Cricket and Football live tournaments.

Again as an overwhelming feature, the GHD Sports APK enables you to stream both your aspired sports challenges, Cricket and Football, free of charge. The category doesn’t matter while surfing GHD Sports APK since it’ll deliver almost all Cricket and Football tournaments, either if you’re aspiring for the IPL or a Champions League. All you need is to download this flawless application from the below link and enjoy it for eternity. 

Stream Cricket and Football live tournaments

You can observe the two sports listed there, Cricket and Football, from which you can choose your desired one and list all the live matches running on the TV Channels. Afterward, tap on the appropriate match, and you’ll automatically get redirected to the Live TV servers in a few seconds.

Live Score Facility

GHD Sports APK not only satisfies your sports streaming desires but also offers you a superb way of saving your data. Within streaming, you can also watch Cricket and Football’s live scores by employing this app. 

GHD Live Score Facility

Even if you don’t have a good internet connection or have low data available, you can surf the vigorously updating live scores. It won’t require a giant portion of your data and can work in a few KBs. Sounds cool, right? Install this app right now, and get rid of keeping two different applications for checking scores and streaming the tourneys.

Sports Highlights (Videos)

What can be more delightful than getting the precisely created highlight video of a missed match without surfing hundreds of videos on YouTube? Highlight videos are a chance to stream the overview of the entire match in just a few minutes. 

So as an advancement, GHD Sports APK is also embedded with the Sports Highlights feature. These short videos are damn useful and can support you if you have missed any sports match. You can watch all the highlights listed appropriately in different folders for separate tournaments. Zero Hassle Policy!

COVID 19 Tracker

GHD Sports APK also delivers the COVID 19 Tracker as a free-to-use and convenient tool as a multi-tasking android app. You need to click on the COVID 19 named tab on the app menu to employ this feature. Afterward, you can acknowledge the Global Corona Update, COVID Visualizer, NDTV COVID 19 Tracker, Worldometers, and Bing merely via the minutely updating details. 

Nowadays, it has become more crucial to hold perfect knowledge about the immersive COVID 19 cases and tracking the cities. So download this app right now. It’s time to mind the pandemic seriously.

Live News Channels

As we apprised you above, the GHD Sports app is a multi-streaming android app. So here is an increment, the GHD Sports app is granting you the Live News channel to surf all the information about what’s going on outside your city and country.

Live News Channels in GHD Sports app

Moreover, it delivers daily news in 8+ Indian languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada. So either if you’re living in any region, you can download this app right now and can surf all your regional news channels after installing this beast app on your smartphone.

Indian TV Channels

For all the Telewatchers and the Cable channel seekers, the GHD Sports app is godlike. It’s an impeccable creation of this technology, which is employable in all your streaming needs except Web-series and Movies.

 Indian TV Channels

It’s a versatile android app in which you can stream over 100 TV Channels in 8+ languages and Full HD 1080p resolution. With the GHD Sports app, you can watch Live channels like DD National, Colors, Star Plus, Sony Max, Zee TV, and B4U Music hassle-free. So download it and enjoy the entirety conveniently.

Convenient app interface

UI’s primary pursuit is to furnish smooth, delightful, and effective interaction between the user and the app. And User Interface is one of the only features why people love platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. Gone are the days of experiencing the stock interface. Now it’s the time to experience the personalized applications.

GHD Sports app delivers a convenient app interface with all the impeccable features listed above. The app is developed using the most simplistic plot, as you can find any tournament by selecting teams only. Moreover, you can also change the quality of the ongoing content smoothly by toggling the setting button. So get ready to experience this tweaky app with a smooth UI!

GHD Sports APK Download

The wait is over now! You can instantly download the GHD Sports APK latest version by tapping the below link and stream all the Cable content without paying any subscription charges. All you need is to clear the below section steps, and that’s it. Time to gather with family and watch the premium content free of charge!

GHD Sports APK Download [Latest Version]

GHD SPORTS v6.5 APK latest version details and changelog

  • Changed servers to improve stream.
  • [New] Add Bulk Live Sports Links
  • [Improve] User Video Experience
  • [Fix] Live Section Links
  • [New] New Home Screen Logos & Categories
  • [New] Add More sports Links
  • [Fix] Improve the App Performance
  • [Fix] Crashed Links

How to install GHD Sports APK on Android smartphones

Step 1 – Download the GHD Sports APK file from the above link.

Step 2 – Now open the Settings app and enable the unknown sources under the Security section by toggling the prompt.

Step 3 – Close the settings app, and open the File Manager app.

Step 4 – Navigate the downloaded GHD Sports APK there and click on it.

Step 5 – On the currently arisen prompt, Click on the Install button.

Now all you need is to wait till the installation process, and afterward, you can enjoy all the valuable content available in the GHD Sports APK free of charge.

How to install GHD Sports APK in FireStick, FireTV, and FireOS

Enjoying the streaming platform content on the giant screen is everyone’s first desire with the OTT platforms. So now you can install the GHD Sports APK on your FireStick simply by applying the below steps and can skip casting every time.

Step 1 – Firstly, you need to enable the third-party installation service on your FireStick, and for doing that, you have to open the settings menu.

Step 2 – Afterwards, Click on the My Fire TV button and navigate the Developer Options.

Step 3 – Click on it and enable the prompt saying Unknown Sources to activate the third-party installation.

Step 4 – Now open the Amazon app store, and search for the Downloader app.

Downloader app

Step 5 – Install the Downloader app from there.

Step 6 – After completing the installation, you need to open the Downloader app and provide permission to access the media files.

Step 7 – Now copy the below link and paste it in the Downloader app link adder section.

Step 8 – Click the Open button and wait for the downloading.

Step 9 – After completing the download, click on the install button for installing the GHD Sports app on your FireStick.

Step 10 – Now delete the app source file and exit the Downloader app.

You can now locate the GHD Sports app on your FireSrick’s My Apps list and open it to enjoy all the tournaments and the live TV channels.

GHD Sports App FAQs

  1. What is GHD Sports App?

    GHD Sports App is free Android software that enables you to watch your favorite Live sports tournaments like IPL, Champions League, and the ICC World Cup. Here you can watch all the running tournaments conveniently without paying for any subscription.

  2. Is GHD Sports APK a legit app?

    Yes, obviously it's a legit Android app. Basically, it directly connects your smartphone to the Live TV servers and enables you to watch all the premium channels like Sony Ten and Star Sports without paying for any subscription.

  3. Is GHD Sports harmful for my smartphone?

    Absolutely No! GHD Sports APK is a legit android app containing zero bugs and viruses. Your data's security and privacy is our priority, and that's why we first experience the apps and then grant you. So enjoy it without getting stressed.

  4. Can I use GHD Sports App on Computer?

    Well, there isn't any .exe software launched by the GHD developers, but still, you can surf this app on your computer by downloading an Android Emulator in it like Bluestacks and Gameloop.

  5. Will GHD Sports App work on iOS phones?

    No, sadly, we didn't have heard about any updates on the iOS app development for the GHD Sports. But we'll update it on the same blog; ASAP, like whenever the developers will launch it.

  6. Does the GHD Sports APK contains online advertisements?

    Yes, GHD Sports APK contains a few advertisements on the app wall. But mark my words, they won't interrupt you a lot. Moreover, we're also working on an ads-free solution and will provide you with the solution ASAP.

  7. Do I have to update the app after download?

    Well, we're granting you the GHD Sports latest version, and it will work in the long run. Moreover, You can visit our website for further updates whenever needed.

  8. Do GHD Sports APK needs root access?

    Rooting can harm your smartphone in both the way, internally and externally. Keeping that in mind, the GHD Sports developer created it in a brilliant way, which makes it compatible to work on both rooted and non-rooted smartphones.

  9. What else can I do in GHD Sports rather than streaming live sports?

    GHD Sports is an all-rounder app that can help you a lot with its versatile features. After installing this app, you can stream the Live entertaining TV Channels, Live News Channels, Live Score tracker, and use the COVID, 19 Tracker, to be updated every time.

  10. Can a 6th-grade guy operate GHD Sports APK?

    Absolutely Yes, GHD Sports APK is a convenient Android application created with a more leisurely UI which anyone can operate comfortably.


GHD Sports APK is one of the most needed applications nowadays in our daily life. It’s the individual solution for all our problems like live TV shows, live Cricket, and Football streaming. It’s the only app on the Android market, after which you can uninstall the Hotstar, Cricbuzz, and the JioTV app, as all you need is GHD Sports APK. Till now, you already get a clear picture of this fantastic app. Must download it since there is a huge difference between taking knowledge and experiencing the app. Enjoy it!

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