Get this customizable Facebook alternative with Frost for Facebook

Facebook’s official app is fully fledged experience and its also�resource hungry, but still being on Android, it doesn’t offer much customization. But that doesn’t stop anyone from making one with loaded customizations, and here we have�it called as frost for facebook which is a highly personalized alternative to the boring looking official app.

This is not particularly visually pleasing but also sports many unique features without skipping on any of the crucial ones you get on the official application. Starting with the first one that’s:


With frost, you get to access the quickly switch between accounts with just one tap; and the app is smart enough to provide you notifications based on the currently active account; as well as the previous one you switched from. It also brings overlaying of tasks, and to reach back quickly, its just one press away. All this is based on a beautiful material design which Google’s using since Android Lolipop.

Loaded with Themes

This is what makes Android what it is, and now Facebook�can look the way you always wanted. The theme store allows you to tailor every aspect of frost front translucent menus to options in any color you desire.

Open source

Another great addition for project frost is that all its source code is available on GitHub for anybody to contribute and make it�more feature rich, so if you’re a dev and want to get your hands on the code here’s the GitHub’s repository link for you.

Link to original XDA post, if you want to check it out.

Download frost for Facebookfrom�the Play Store!

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