Get Google Pixel 3 Camera Night Sight Mod On Any Android Device

Pixel when you hear about it, the first thing that comes to your mind is its camera, which has been a huge selling point for the device and has been improving on it since it’s the second iteration and now the camera’s are even better than the current iPhones. Now as we know this is Android, we have the ability to have ports and mods of a certain feature from one device, and then it’s made available by developers to other devices, and same is the case here.

A talented developer from XDA, who goes by the name�Arnova8G2 has brought one of the most anticipated features of the Google Pixel camera to other popular devices, and it is known as the Night Shift mode, which is a superb feature of Google’s Pixel Camera app and now we have a ported version of that App.

What does the Pixel Night Shift feature do?

Google Pixel 3 Night Sight


It comes with a bunch of settings pre-added into the camera image processing for better Low-light shots, which is here most smartphone camera struggles. And the Night Shift mode kicks in with the right amount of ISO, exposure settings and much more and tries to extract the most amount of light from your sensor.

Yes, it is possible to achieve a similar result by adjusting your manual settings to those more excellent levels but this app with Night Shift does the job for you, and it has its detection system that, recognizes the scene and adjust the app settings accordingly.

Which Non-Pixel devices are supported?

Currently, this has been tested on the Essential Phone as well as on the OnePlus 6 and some of the features of the Google Pixel Camera App such as burst mode; the panorama is not working. However, the Night Shift works as sad. But do not expect that this will make your Camera’s low light shots similar to what the Pixel offers.

But you will surely notice a significant difference once you start using it. It has also been tested on the Xiaomi Mi 5 so, if you’re using that device, then you’re in luck. For another device, it should work and if it did work on your device then do let us know in the comments section below.

How to Install it?

So you might be thinking, that this might require you to get those fastboot tools and command line interface ready or the magisk manager or something along those lines, then here’s good news for you. The Google Pixel Camera with Night shift is now available as a Downloaded APK file.

And you can install it as a regular APK file, the only thing you need to make sure is that don’t forget to enable the Unknown Source option from your Setting > Security and toggle the option to enable it, and you will be able to install the APK file usually.

Download the Latest Google Camera with Night Shift Mode. APK file

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