Galaxy S10 might feature the best smartphone camera till now

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will mark the company’s 10th anniversary, so huge radical changes are on their way with the launch of the Samsung’s next S series flagship. The camera will be one of the main focuses next year as Samsung will bring a much enhanced�ISOCell technology for camera’s dubbed as ISOCELL Plus which improves the light, reflection, and colors by reducing the barrier which always comes in between to absorb these elements, thus leading to an average quality picture.

It is also reported that the technology�used in the ISOCELL Plus uses some element built by Fujifilm which is a legendary name in the camera community itself. This will thus allow 15% more light to be seen by the sensor which in result give you better low-light shots. The camera will also see more accurate colors overall with this new tech and the difference between both the ISOCELLs�can be visible as per reports.

The company also notes that the new sensor will use the 0.8 micrometers�with such smaller pixels, it is said that its sensor will yield much more detailed images with camera resolutions now going beyond 22 Megapixels and more. This breakthrough in mobile camera technology will be showcased at MWC 2018.

The Galaxy S10 is rumored to come with an In-display fingerprint sensor, and in recent reports, a triple camera sensor is also in plans for the top of the line variant, which goes by the codename as beyond 2, while the beyond 0 and 1 are other two variants of the Galaxy S10 2019.

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