Fortnite v8.50 update to fix known issues and more

A Popular online game you would have probably heard of, Yeah its Fortnite. Fortnite has become the world’s most popular multiplayer game according to a report by source. Everything has a flaw, and it is there even with Fortnite, As the game is regularly updated, some bugs and glitches are usual to occur, but the developers at Fortnite have taken this as a challenge and have been continuously working to provide an instant solution to the problem. The Upcoming Fortnite v8.50 will bring patches to many glitches, and many of the bugs will be solved. Also, read�Fortnite Mobile APK Download For Any Android Phone.

The developers don’t officially publish the Changes at Fortnite but here are the things what we can expect regarding the upcoming Fortnite v8.50 update:

  • Trap Placement Glitch:�Most of the Fortnite would be irritated with the annoying issue where, when a player chooses to place a trap, suddenly spikes popped up in the tile of walls, in some other zone that wasn’t selected by the user. The developer �MrPopo TFS� has told us that the issue will be fixed soon
  • Audio Glitch:�This is the most common issue the users faced and reported, according to the players, There would be a sudden sound such that of a Sniper, by which the users would feel that someone was firing a Sniper closeby. This caused many users to lose the game as it gave out the position of the player. Also, The developer �MrPopo TFS� has announced that this bug will be fixed soon.
  • Weapon Pick-Up Changes:�According to a post made on Fortnite Community, the developers have ensured that the weapon pickup system is soon going to be changed and we predict that it will be changed with the upcoming update.

If you would like any more bug fixes or improvements comment down below, we will try to address the company to solve the bug soon.

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