How to Convert Video/Audio Format for Playback on Digital Devices

Owning multiple digital devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop and more) is a common thing these days for most of the young people. Enjoying videos or movies on these devices is a primary source of entertainment for people. However, one issue may occur to you while watching movies on your digital devices, which is the video or movie you have isn’t compatible with your digital device. Is there any way for you to solve the problem? Converting video/audio to the format that can be played on your devices can be the solution.

However, it may sound like a complicated task for people who haven�t done it before. In fact, there�re many tools in the market for you to convert video/audio format. Today, I�ll take one software as an example to show you how to fix this problem. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is one of the tools to convert video/audio formats. Furthermore, it also enables you to download online videos. Here�s how to use the software with all the features.

Launch the Software and Load the Video/Audio File

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

After launched successfully, you can find the software is presented with a neat user interface. For converting video/audio format, the 1st step is to click on �Add Files,� then you need to choose the video/audio that needs to be converted.

A great feature of the software is it supports to convert the uncommon format. Let�s take WLMP as an example. It�s a format that created by Windows Live Movie Maker and is supported by only a few Windows devices. You can load the video with this format into this software if you happen to have one. HD Video Converter Factory Pro can read it successfully and convert WLMP to MP4 and other common formats.

2. Choose the Output Format and Device

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

After the video is loaded and read, now it�s time to choose the output format or device that you want. A list of various formats and devices can satisfy almost all the needs. You can find formats such as 4K video,�H265, VP9, MKV,�MP4, AVI, H264, MTS, M2TS, FLV, SWF,�HTML5, WebM, TOD, VOB and more.

Also for people who�re not familiar with video formats, you can find digital devices here as well. Most digital devices can be found here, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung TV, LG TV, HTC, Sony, PS4 and more. For people who like to play games, PS4 can also be regarded as a video player. Now you don�t need to worry that the video that you have doesn�t fit your PS4. You can use this software to convert any format that can be played on PS4. For example, you can play MKV on PS4.

3. Complete the Conversion Process

The last step is simple and easy. After all the settings are done, just click on �Run.� Then your video will be converted. Normally it�ll take 5-10 minutes to convert one video; the conversion speed is based on the file size and video settings. There�re also many other converting tools in the market. You can try them first and find out the one that�s helpful for you.

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