Clash of Clans new update to bring 5vs5 war system: Prepare your best clan player for it

Clash of Clans the most popular online mobile game ever is about to get a new update, which is a major new feature for the clan wars. This latest update brings out the�5v5 War, which will follow the same rules like regular war but this 5v5 war in the Clash of Clans will come down to the Top 5 best players from each clan. So this now games more specific to pro players and now is their chance to shine with this new war mechanism.

This reminds more of the Counterstrike 1.6 clan wars where you get the best 5 players from your team to an online clan war. And looks like Clash of Cans took notes from the legendary multiplayer game by valve and thought of incorporating something similar. Earlier the game already had the 15 v15 war, 10 v 10 war modes, but now with this new 5 vs 5 war mode will be quite interesting.

Clash of Clans
Image of Clash of Clan game.
Image courtesy: freehack4you .com

The high ranking players will definitely dominate this while the ones with not have to start getting to that level to get into the best players list and fight the special pro players 5 vs 5 war.

This update certainly seems better than the Halloween event by the game’s developers. Another fix is also happening to the Grand Warden which now receives a little more attack power to have a slightly higher gap between the town hall 11 and town hall 10, which players have been annoyed of since quite a few months.

Well, with that, the fans of the game are expecting a big update in December�which will include more new features for the game and its needed to keep players engaged with the game for hours and hours to come.

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