Brawl Stars updated with Brawlers, Skins and more (Download Here)

Supercell has been teasing about a major update to the popular multiplayer game Brawl Stars for quite some time now. The gaming studio has been talking about the new update on Twitter, teasing a new game mode – Retropolis and a new brawler as well.�Finally, the wait has ended, and the update in question is now rolling out to users across platforms, and We are here to take a look at everything new in this update.

After a 3-hour long maintenance break, the new RetroPolis update has finally made it to the game, and it’s even bigger than expected. Let’s take a detailed look at everything new in the latest Brawl Stars update.

Brawl Stars Latest Update – What’s New

BIBI – The new Brawler�

The latest Brawl Stars update brings a new Brawler to the game. BIBI, the new Brawl in the game has three attacks. The Main attack is called the Three Strikes, and it knocks back the enemies when her Home Run bar is charged. BIBI’s super attack is called Spitball using which it bats a bouncing ball of a bubble gum that can deal damage on hitting the enemies multiple times.� BIBI’s star power is home run and Bibi�s movement speed increases while her Home Run bar is fully charged.

Retropolis � The new Event

The latest update also brings a new event to the game. The Retropolis event will bring new menu music, a new neon style menu background, and new in-game Music when it’s activated.

New Skins

The latest update brings new skins- the Hot Rod Brock, Bake Sale Barley, Road Rage Carl, and Maple Barley to the game and will be available soon.

Along with these additions to the game, there have been some balancing changes as well. Here are the different balancing changes that the new update brings to the game.

Brawl Stars Latest Update – Balance Changes


  • Frank has been buffed in the latest update. It can again Super stun the Siege base for the full duration now.


  • Rosa has been nerfed a bit in this update. Its Super duration has been decreased to 3/0 sec ( From 4.0 Sec).
  • The Star power healing of Rosa has also been decreased to 200 per sec [from 300 per sec]
  • Rosa now needs ten hits to charge up Super [instead of 9] fully, and the main attack has been tweaked a bit to match the area where damage is dealt.


  • Similar to Frank, Carl has also been buffed in the latest update. Carl can now pre-aim his main attack while using Super and also the cooldown time for its main attack is much shorter now.

Other Changes

The latest update has also brought some changes to the maps. The maps have been tweaked a bit to match the whole Retropolis theme. The maps that have been added in the latest update are Gem Grab � Cross Cut, Heist � Pit Stop, and Side Story.

Other changes to the game include Rosa getting a new voiceover, the Leaders & co-leaders getting an option to send in-game mail to Club members and Supercell ID 2.0 which will be making its way to the game next week.

If you haven’t received the update yet, then you can download the latest Brawl Stars 18.104 APK update from here.

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