How to boot Google Nexus 5X into recovery menu

Google’s Nexus line-up is long gone and replaced by the new Pixel series of devices, which are high-end Nexus devices with great camera’s. However, that doesn’t mean that the old Nexus is dead, there’s still heaps of community support whether it be in developing custom ROMs or any other custom firmware for the handset.

So, if you happen to own a Google Nexus 5X and stumbled upon on a great resource of custom things for your Nexus 5X or root your phone, then you need to get into the recovery menu options which is needed to flash firmware zip file.

Or if you just want to hard reset or factory reset your phone, then this is a necessary step for you to learn, for your Nexus 5X.

How to boot into recovery menu on your Nexus 5X

recovery mode nexus 5x

  • Firstly, Shutdown your Google Nexus 5X.
  • After that, you need to hold the volume down along with the power button�for about 10 seconds, until you see the screen light up
  • Now a menu will pop-up on a dark screen on the top side of your screen, that’s boot menu, but we want the recovery mode
  • To navigate through this menu, you have to use the volume keys to go up and down.
  • Select the recovery mode and use the power button to confirm the selection.
  • Now you get to see an Android bot logo appearing on your phone’s screen
  • After that, the last step you need to hold the volume up key + the power key until the Nexus 5X display’s recovery options menu; from there you can do the above-discussed things.

That’s how you get into the recovery mode’s options on the Google Nexus 5X.

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