How To add text to your WhatsApp Stickers

The most popular messaging application among the users WhatsApp is seen to be constantly bringing new updates to the application. The sole purpose of the company is to make the application more attractive and easy to use for all the users.

During the recent times, it has been seen that the company has brought many updates like group video call features, support of GIFs but the latest update is said to be very special for the users. WhatsApp has brought stickers to the app which is for both Android as well as iOS.

After the introduction of the stickers, it has been seen that they are an instant hit among all the users. The users are happy to get the stickers as earlier it has been seen that users keep on asking about when the company will be bringing the sticker facility. The stickers that are currently available in the app are of various kinds starting from smiling teacup to a broken heart. The company in a statement said that these stickers are said to help an individual to express the feelings in a better way.

These stickers are said to be the best way to express your mood and this thing cannot be said as the innovative way. This is because many other platforms that include Snapchat and Hike have been supporting for this.� But the use of stickers is said to be very popular as there are many types of stickers that are available as per your mood.

As the company has already released the sticker updates for all the users still there are some cool things that can be done with the pre-made stickers. This cool thing is you can add your text to the stickers that you want to send and share the same with your family and friends.

How text can be added to WhatsApp stickers?

This new adding texts to the pre-made stickers may be new to you but there are ways with the help of which one can able to add text to the stickers. You can go for an application that is available in Google Play Store and with the help of that application you can add the text to the stickers.

Here is the list of the steps that you can follow to write the texts in the stickers.

The very first thing that you need to do when going for this is to download and then install the Sticker packs for WhatsApp. After installing the packs, you need to launch the application. Then you need to tap on add icon which is present on top of the right-hand side of the screen that is next to the Share button.

After clicking them you will be in editing mode and then you need to tap on the sticker icon in the Enter Sticker Text option. After that, you will see a lot of sticker categories which will be available for the user in which one can able to add your own text. After that, you can able to put the sticker from any category that you like and by pinching the same in or out of the screen.

After this all you can tap on the Enter Sticker Text option to add the text. After this write the text that you want to write on the sticker. After writing the text, you can able to see some types of fonts, colors, and styles for your texts and after that, you add that to your writing.� Adjust the size of the text by pinching on it.

After doing this all, you can see that the desired text has appeared on the sticker that you have edited. Now you can share the same sticker with your friends and family with the help of the bottom bar that is present in the app.

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